Skills of choosing garden dining furniture
TIME:2021-01-25 16:44:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    1. garden dining furniture materials: we need to pay attention to some businesses, in order to increase the weight of some products, put the cut tube into the aluminum tube to increase the weight.

     garden dining furniture

    2. Look at the details, quality comes from the details. outside table chairs Because the network equipment and process are different, the details are also different. There are two things we need to pay attention to. One is to check whether the garden dining furniture is rough and hairy. The second is to determine whether the "aluminum pipe movable joint" has arc treatment. If these details are ignored, it is easy to be cut off by sharp burr or sharp corner during use.

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    3. Weight: garden dining chairs quality is the large structure of aluminum tube. The aluminum tube is well made and the whole frame is solid. The most intuitive method of judgment and analysis is to look at the weight. The same style, if relatively heavy, garden dining furniture, which means that the aluminum material is very thick, but will not reduce the material.

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