The process of rattan cube garden furniture
TIME:2021-12-20 10:05:58 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The commonly used rattan back chair is made of rattan and aluminum alloy through more than ten processes. Rattan is used to weave the main rattan cube garden furniture, and aluminum alloy is used to make the frame part of furniture.

     rattan cube garden furniture

    The natural style of rattan wicker chair is the meaning of leisure life. It means being close to nature, simple and luxurious. The comfort and convenience it brings makes people feel free and free.

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    Rattan sofa is small, strong, light, strong and flexible, which is usually used in balcony, garden, teahouse, study, living room and other places.

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    rattan cube garden furniture in addition to exquisite hand knitting technology and novel and beautiful appearance, more important is to test the quality of rattan cube garden furniture materials. If the surface of the rattan is wrinkled, it means that the sofa is made of tender rattan, with poor toughness.

     low strength, easy to fracture and corrosion. Besides Yunnan rattan, many rattan materials are from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The quality of these vines is relatively hard, and the thickness of the head and tail are basically the same.

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