garden chair set purchasing skills
TIME:2021-12-20 10:07:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Many times, we feel tired after overwork. At this time, garden chair set are the furniture we need. Leisure tables and chairs don't have to be as heavy as beds. They can bring us relaxation. Next, let's look at how to buy leisure tables and chairs.

     garden chair set

    1. garden chair set depth

     Generally speaking, in more formal occasions, a person's posture is very straight, and more people like to sit in the "shallow" position in front of the chair. But if you're at home, you can sit deeper when you're relaxed, and everyone's spirit seems to be on the chair. When we buy, we can sit down and test the depth of the whole body. To know whether the enterprise meets its own requirements.

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    2. The height of the foot

     The leg height of the garden chair set is related to the leg length of the user. In addition to the high chair of the bar chair, the height of the chair generally used will not be excessively exaggerated. However, if you have a child in your family, you should also consider it.

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    3. Height of handrail

     If you have the habit of hanging your hands freely, you can also choose a garden dining chairs with low or no arms. If you like to reduce the whole person to the middle of garden table chairs with higher armrest and deeper seat surface may be the best choice.

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