rattan patio furniture selection
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    I believe many friends are not too unfamiliar with rattan patio furniture. Different from other types of furniture, the professional knowledge involved is also relatively unpopular, and the occasions to be placed are relatively special. Not all families must have a necessary category of home furnishings, so it's not surprising that they don't understand this kind of furniture.

    rattan patio furniture

    First of all, the characteristics of grey wicker chairs: it must be rain proof and sun proof. Because of the outdoor climate, the material and workmanship requirements of outdoor furniture are relatively strict. With the needs of rattan patio furniture market, in recent years, a lot of high-quality leisure furniture has been developed, no matter in material or technology.

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    Pine and Cunninghamia lanceolata are relatively soft. These two kinds of wood are mainly used for heavy and thick outdoor tables and chairs, or there are many flower troughs. Most of the common charcoal burning outdoor tables and chairs are made of Cunninghamia lanceolata.

    Antiseptic wood is generally used to lay the wood floor in the yard and build the arbor, and the wood used for the flower rack corridor. The antiseptic wood is specially treated, so it won't be corroded by insects.

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    Among these woods, teak is the most expensive and luxurious. Teak itself is very precious, not easy to deform, waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Many European yacht decks are made of teak. So the price is also the highest patio dining table.

    Park chairs are mostly made of plastic wood. Plastic wood has strong plasticity and is most suitable for public places with high frequency of use. But if you use it at home, the choice of style and beauty is limited, so many families do not choose rattan patio furniture made of this material.

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