rattan patio furniture are of undoubted quality
TIME:2021-12-23 10:18:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Even if the rattan patio furniture material how ingenious, how to update. People always have a special preference for rattan folding chair. But because of the special outdoor environment, the requirements of wood used in all kinds of solid wood leisure furniture are also very strict.

     rattan patio furniture

    The first is the wet rain and the sun exposure. After layers of natural climate test, wood is still as new for a long time. The wood that can withstand the test of cold and heat can be used by designers to design rattan patio furniture.

    Teak, also known as oil wood, purple teak, salt index, known as the king of wood, is the world's famous precious wood species.

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    Because China is not greedy for oil wood at present, most of them are imported wood. Teak itself is rich in oil, so the rain can't soak into the wood, but it can be oxidized into golden yellow luster by photosynthesis outdoors. The ink line is delicate and rich.

    Teak is widely used to make outdoor tables and chairs and outdoor wood floors. Many yacht deck wood is also made of teak.

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    The stainless rattan patio furniture, simple but not simple design and workmanship, let this solid wood leisure table and chair fully reflect the outdoor rocking chair. The atmosphere without publicity is enough to convince you.

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