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TIME:2021-12-23 11:09:02 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    I believe everyone has heard of the saying that details determine success or failure. The so-called details refer to the unimportant small things and details in a thing. However, although these details are small, they often determine the key to success or failure. It is not the strongest but the weakest link that determines the strength of an iron chain

     cheap outdoor furniture

    It is not the longest but the shortest board that determines the capacity of a bucket. Details determine the success or failure of this sentence, also applies to the production and manufacturing of enterprises, the quality of a product is good or bad, often through the details can see the whole picture. luxury outdoor furniture in the production process for many years, has been adhering to grasp the details, do the original cheap outdoor furniture.

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    Recently, when we are producing a rattan outdoor furniture, we once again encounter the problem of grasping the details. This product is a rattan woven round bed. After finishing the sample making, we conducted a routine sample audit. At first, everyone thought that the sample was very good, and we could carry out mass production through the audit

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    Results the careful director of rattan weaving carefully enlarged the original cheap outdoor furniture and found that there was a gap between our weaving method and the original drawing. The original drawing of the round bed showed two circles and one outline, while our sample showed three circles and one outline. Although the appearance and structure of the product made in this way were the same as the original drawing

     However, it will lead to sparse knitting, which is suspected of shoddy workmanship. So we re punched the board according to the weaving method of two circles and one principle, and finally produced a round bed which is the same as the original one. Grasp the details, do the original cheap outdoor furniture, we will continue to adhere to!

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