cheap garden furniture is in the ascendant in the domestic market
TIME:2021-12-23 11:10:47 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    cheap garden furniture refers to the furniture used in open and semi open space. In the western developed countries, due to the prosperity of economy and the high level of people's consumption, the industry has long been mature. In China, in the past, relying on cheap labor, enterprises basically rely on foreign trade orders to survive, most enterprises even never thought or furniture can still be sold in China.

     the reason is that the income level of Chinese people in the past has a big gap compared with that of the west, and there are more people and less land, and there is a small lack of space for houses. To put it bluntly, they just can't afford to buy and have no place to put them.

    cheap garden furniture

     However, in recent years, with the continuous international economic crisis and shrinking consumption, the western market, which is already saturated, is facing the crisis of shrinking. The export-oriented stone outdoor table enterprises have suffered a serious impact. At the same time, China's economy is on its own, the income of residents is growing rapidly, and people's demand for leisure life is higher and higher.

     This new change has brought an opportunity for the development of the cheap garden furniture enterprises trapped in the sluggish export market have turned to the domestic market, and the traditional export industry is in the ascendant in the domestic market. The demand of domestic garden furniture mainly consists of the following parts:

     1Urban leisure places, villas, luxury houses, slightly large areas of residence, restaurants, hotels, sunshine rooms, clubs and so on are booming.

     2Influenced by western culture, people began to advocate leisure and comfortable outdoor time.

     3With the increase of income, more and more people are able to buy villas and large-area houses, and the space for people to enjoy life extends to the outside.

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    Take Hainan as an example. Hainan, with its unique geographical location and beautiful natural environment, began to build an international tourism island in 2010. After years of development, the tourist attractions.

     hotels and public service facilities have been basically complete, and it is known as one of the developed areas of tourism in China and even in the world. Hainan is one of the most densely populated areas of high-end resort hotels in China, and Sanya is second to none.

     In recent years, most of the hotels involved in the new year are four-star, five-star and even seven star hotels. There are about 300 high-end hotels, golf clubs, yacht clubs and senior clubs. The construction of these projects has produced a huge demand, and also makes Hainan become the main battlefield of outdoor bar chairs industry.

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     In addition, Hainan has built a number of key tourism projects, such as Changying Hainan Century City, Wanning outlets shopping center, Hainan Aerospace theme park, Lingshui ocean theme park, etc., which have greatly boosted the demand for tourism.

    Summary: with the increasing demand of the domestic market, we firmly believe that the industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development in China. cheap garden furniture enterprises should pay close attention to channel construction, brand building, and find out the needs of consumers. Only in this way can they be recognized by consumers and get a share in the burgeoning market.

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