cheap rattan furniture meets rises again
TIME:2021-12-23 11:11:16 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    It is said that two years ago, the sales of cheap rattan furniture could reach tens of billions of dollars. Most of them were in Europe and America, and about 30% of them were in China. Therefore, the comfy outdoor chairs industry still has a large market to develop in China.

    China's leisure industry and outdoor industry are developing very fast, with an annual growth rate of about 50%. It is conceivable that their potential is unlimited. In fact, in the leisure industry, the western world has already become mature. With the improvement of living standards of modern China, especially the young generation, people's consumption consciousness has gradually changed.

    cheap rattan furniture

    Therefore, many leisure industries have emerged in China in recent years, which is an opportunity for cheap rattan furniture enterprises. What's more, there are more and more Chinese people living abroad and studying abroad. Foreign life philosophy and lifestyle will deeply affect all aspects of China, greatly improving the development potential of the domestic furniture market.

    Open up the Chinese market of outdoor fire table, should not copy and paste the foreign way. After all, more Chinese people buy ordinary houses, more people live in ordinary houses, so it is most important to consider the needs of ordinary people, as long as there is a balcony, there will be a certain demand. This is a more humanistic idea.

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    The ideological quality of the new generation of young people in China has also been greatly improved, which has long been used for reference by foreign leisure culture.

    Some small retail enterprises have a great lack of ways to guide customers to consume, which leads to the fact that the goods they buy are not beautiful and the price is not cheap. Furniture to experience the wind and sun, no aging, then the use of materials must have very high requirements, the price will be increased.

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     To tell you the truth, the number of domestic is also a lot, but many businesses have high prices, poor materials, and the appearance is not fashionable. In the future production, we hope to create more original cheap rattan furniture, do the best products, give customers a truly satisfactory experience.

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