cheap rattan furniture is becoming popular
TIME:2021-12-23 17:15:47 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    refers to the furniture used in open and semi open space. There are many kinds of , including wood, plastic, metal, Teslin, PE imitation rattan and so on. Among them, the cheap rattan furniture with PE imitation rattan as the raw material accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for almost half of the outdoor furniture. PE imitation rattan is an improved polymer material with bright color, beautiful appearance, soft and comfortable texture, which is very suitable for.

     cheap rattan furniture

    In the past two years, with the development ofmaking technology and the continuous improvement of people's taste for leisure furniture, a new kind of  has gradually emerged in the market, and has gradually become a popular. So what is cheap rattan furniture which is made of high molecular polymer materials and woven on a certain material frame.

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    In terms of materials, compared with cube rattan furniture,also takes iron, aluminum and wood as the frame, but in terms of weaving materials, it is more diversified, including a variety of EQ network management, ribbon, rope etc.

     in terms of style, compared, due to the diversification of material shape, its overall shape and style are also more diversified, and the style is more simple, simple, and more modern, which can better meet the requirements People constantly improve their taste of grey rattan patio furniture.

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    In terms of production technology, compared, rope furniture has higher requirements in production technology, which includes two aspects: materials and technology. In short, it requires better materials and more strict technology. In terms of service life, compared with rattan furniture, due to the development of weaving raw material production technology, cheap rattan furniture.

     Ordinary inferior rattan products may only have a service life of about one year, so the seller is afraid to provide the buyer with product quality assurance life, while can basically guarantee at least three years, five years or even 10 years.

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