Can you choose the fabric of rattan outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-12-24 15:10:50 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Generally, our rattan outdoor furniture will be equipped with cushions. The bedding, dining chair, sofa and round bed in vintage outdoor furniture all contain cushions, and the fabric outside the cushions also has different quality choices. Do you know?

     If we sit directly on the furniture, the product is too hard and the use feeling is not good. In order to make customers more comfortable, rattan outdoor furniture is used outdoors for a long time. The cushion is directly exposed to the sun, wind and rain. First of all, outdoor cloth must be selected.

     rattan outdoor furniture

    Outdoor cloth is waterproof and sunscreen, with air permeability function, but outdoor cloth also has different quality choices. At present, there are three kinds of outdoor cloth, one is the domestic standard outdoor cloth, which is cheap and economical, but the shelf life is short, and the general warranty is 1 year;

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    Second, the quality of Taiwan cloth is better than that of domestic outdoor cloth, and the quality is guaranteed for 3 years. Of course, the price of Taiwan cloth is more expensive than that of domestic cloth;

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    The third is the American cloth Sunbrella, which is the best outdoor cloth in the rattan outdoor furniture. The warranty is more than 5 years, but the price is very expensive, which is more than 10 times of the ordinary cloth. If you choose this kind of cloth, the product price will double. The general five-star hotel or resort will require American cloth when buying furniture.

     As a general consumer, we recommend Taiwan cloth. The price is not expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. It is the best choice for metal outdoor furniture cloth.

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