Collocation of rattan outdoor furniture and comfortable home
TIME:2021-12-24 15:11:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the improvement of domestic living standards, rattan outdoor furniture has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people, so what are the tips for choosing vintage outdoor furniture? In summary, we can choose according to the following three elements.

     rattan outdoor furniture

    1. Furniture style: furniture style refers to the general characteristics of furniture, such as shape, texture, color, scale and proportion. Different materials, structures, shapes, colors and other forms of rattan outdoor furniture in a certain environment, have their own unique style. For example, rattan outdoor swing is suitable for outdoor garden, solid wood tables and chairs on the balcony, cast aluminum tables and chairs on the rest area, and so on. Of course, the style of  depends on the taste and hobbies of the host, just as different nationalities have their own special hobbies and styles. But it is important to follow the principle of "coordination" to choose furniture. It is not suitable to put different styles of furniture in the same space.

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    2. Furniture size: the choice of iron outdoor furniture depends not only on the size of itself, but also on the feeling it will give people outdoors. It is reasonable to use smaller furniture in small garden from the plane layout and economy. If the configuration is too large, the space will be blocked and there is no room for people to maneuver.

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    3. Number of rattan outdoor furniture: the number of indoor furniture should be determined by the use and size of the room. Blindly pursuing the number of pieces and sets will make the space crowded, messy and become a burden of life. The type and quantity of furniture placed in the balcony and other small places should not be too much. We should strive to have more activity area on the premise of meeting the needs of life.


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