rattan outdoor furniture is also divided products
TIME:2021-12-24 15:12:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Product decision is determined by market demand. The basic goal of marketing is to meet the needs of consumers with the products of enterprises. All decisions are made with the product decision as the leader.

     rattan outdoor furniture

    The products are also divided into different grades and levels according to the needs of customers. Just like the restaurants in our daily life, they are also divided into high-end restaurants and low-end restaurants. The rattan outdoor furniture in our market can be divided into high-grade and low-grade, and which grade is our furniture?

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    At present, the rattan outdoor furniture produced by the factory mainly includes rattan furniture and corner rattan furniture, two different types of furniture for different market demand. It is mainly aimed at the middle and low-end market. Relatively speaking, it is a low-end product, and the price is relatively cheap. The buyers are more sensitive to the price.

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    luxury rattan furniture is a kind of high-end products made according to the high-end market. The price is relatively more expensive. Most of the customers are star hotels and rattan outdoor furnitureengineering sheets.

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