What kind of material is good for rattan dining chairs
TIME:2021-12-25 13:51:22 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    rattan dining chairs, as the name suggests, is a folding and convenient storage type of deck chair. It is composed of foldable support frame, back frame hinged with support frame and rattan bistro chair surface. Its feature is that the support frame is composed of support rod, main beam, cross brace and armrest.

     The support rod and main beam are hinged to form a triangle parallelogram composite support structure, armrest and back are hinged, armrest and support frame are hinged There are back tilt angle adjustment and positioning mechanism between them. This kind of outdoor rocking chair not only has beautiful appearance, but also has strong practicability. Now let's introduce a rattan dining chairs like this!

     rattan dining chairs

    PE rattan is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor places, outdoor or indoor, and is not afraid of dirt, no dust, no special maintenance, easy to clean.

     E-catalogue 17-16-1_副本.jpg

    Aluminum alloy material hardness is higher, and the color is bright and gorgeous, coupled with a certain decorative pattern, more magnificent atmosphere of the wind!

     E-catalogue 17-17_副本.jpg

    This kind of rattan dining chairs is suitable for swimming pool party, villa party, hotel party and other different occasions, can create a high-end luxury atmosphere!

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