Trend of modern outdoor furniture in Quanzhou
TIME:2021-12-27 17:05:45 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Under the pressure of fast-paced urban work and life, people's life style which reflects people's close to nature, enjoying leisure and "slow rhythm" has gradually become a fashion. Therefore, the boundary of modern outdoor furniture gradually blurred, and from the outdoor began to enter the interior.

Artistic, personalized, functional products are becoming an important component of the garden, landscape, interior, but also open or semi open space must be appliances. As a new fashion, outdoor seating furniture embodies the pursuit of leisure, relaxation and close to nature. It is gradually entering the ordinary people's home.

modern outdoor furniture

The trend of iron outdoor furniture in the world

1. Pay more attention to high quality life experience

With the advent of the global experience economy, modern outdoor furniture and supplies fully meet people's demand for high-quality outdoor "slow life experience" of leisure, relaxation and emotional comfort, and this has become the common value pursuit of major manufacturers.

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Comfort, randomness, security, lightness, interest and entertainment become the core of "slow life experience" design. Emotional care is transmitted through product experience and situational experience, which makes modern outdoor furniture and users have affinity.

2. Compatibility of privacy and openness

In view of the use of this attribute in the relatively open space, in recent years, many manufacturers have made great efforts on how to reflect the private, open and semi developed functions, and through space conversion to meet the functional and psychological needs of users. In 2016, this feature will continue to be the selling point of manufacturers.

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