Different styles of outdoor dining table
TIME:2021-12-25 13:56:09 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    At present, many hotels are equipped with outdoor dining table, which can provide customers with rest space at any time. With the different needs of the hotel and keeping pace with the times, all kinds of outdoor tables and chairs of different styles enter the major hotels, and also add a lot of color to the layout of the hotel.

    Imported PE rattan is used, and it is hand-made, with uniform thickness. It can be placed in study, balcony, courtyard, etc. outdoor dining table is convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The inner part of the rattan is made of anti ultraviolet material, which can be used in poor outdoor environment. It is made of PE thin round rattan, with comfortable touch, good anti-corrosion, moth proof, moisture-proof, etc., which is more environmentally friendly.

    outdoor dining table

    outdoor bar table, black reveals high-end flavor, simple and smooth lines, conform to the design of human body curve, internal and external are integrated, outdoor table chairs bring incomparable comfort. Exquisite craft, pure hand woven, every detail is impeccable, this is a perfect combination from the inside to the outside, comfort can be imagined. Simple shape, unique style, simple lines, chairs can be stacked up, can save most of the space to put other things, which fully reflects the portability and practicality of outdoor leisure tables and chairs.

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    outdoor dining table, the modern structure of this table and chair, green grass, to create a refreshing and leisure mood,. The surface of rattan weaving is very smooth. The beige rattan and the color matching of dark rattan make the square and angular appearance have smooth lines.

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    The atmosphere is more Oriental and graceful. The solid aluminum alloy frame is the essence of the whole product. The absolutely comfortable rigid lines make you enjoy the comfort of leisure all the time. Every piece is hand woven. The shape of the table and chair is fashionable and novel, which is durable to look at both indoor and outdoor, sun proof and waterproof.


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