How To Make Realistic Imitation Wood grain leisure furniture in modern outdoor furniture?
TIME:2021-11-22 11:34:39 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Recently launched a chinese-style modern outdoor furniture, design inspiration from ancient Chinese furniture in the most classic garden chair set. Round on the bottom, to the main melody, round is harmonious, a symbol of happiness, is stable, quiet Zhiyuan.

    modern outdoor furniture

    The Best Feature of this Chinese Style Sofa is the clear and lifelike texture of solid wood. At first glance, you might think it is made of solid wood. If the salesman tells you, this modern outdoor furniture and coffee table are made of all aluminum alloy, would that surprise you? How does aluminum alloy frame make lifelike solid wood grain? There are three key processes for adding realistic wood grain on Aluminum Alloy: 1. Painting with powder and high temperature by the old artisans with more than ten years of service; 2. Painting with imitation wood grain by hand many times; 3, seal glaze (spray outdoor matte oil high temperature setting) , to ensure that the real wood grain will never fade. After imitation wood grain processing of Aluminum Alloy Sofa, with realistic appearance and shape of Solid Wood Sofa, lightweight and durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to crack deformation. The utility model not only satisfies the people's pursuit of returning to the nature real wood quality, but also satisfies the People's requirement of the durability of the SOFA.


    At present, there are not many enterprises using the wood-like grain process in the market, and some enterprises use the traditional heat transfer printing process to produce the wood-like grain process. The heat transfer printing film is heated and pressed simultaneously through the heat transfer printing machine processing, the wood-like grain on the transfer printing film is transferred to the surface of the aluminum alloy, and the pattern is fused with the surface of the product after forming. The wood-like grain produced by traditional heat transfer printing process is not realistic, especially at the Junction of modern outdoor chairs, it is difficult to form realistic wood-like grain.


    To sum up, when buying modern outdoor furniture, not only to see the material, but also to see the process, different processes and materials, the product life is not the same.

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