The Common materials of rattan garden furnitures
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We all know that rattan garden furniture is generally used outdoors. Considering the particularity of outdoor weather, the materials should have a certain strength of sun protection and corrosion resistance. In many materials, PE rattan is widely used!

1rattan garden furnitures

PE rattan is commonly used in rattan furniture. Rattan furniture is easy to crack and deform, and raw materials are scarce. Therefore, outdoor use of PE vine, PE rattan surface smooth, delicate, smooth, high strength, flexibility, strong permeability, anti-aging, anti UV, heat and humidity resistant ability, strong mold, not easy to dry crack deformation, not easy to fade.

rattan garden furniture

2Cast aluminum furniture

Next to rattan furniture is cast aluminum furniture. The material is divided into sand casting and die casting. The surface roughness, strength and hardness of sand casting are relatively low. Die casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no porosity and shrinkage defects, smooth and fine surface, and the strength is 25 ~ 30% of that of sand casting aluminum. So consumers in outdoor use of furniture, choose die-casting molding of cast aluminum furniture. Cast aluminum furniture is generally used in outdoor dining table or garden furniture.

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3 Aluminum alloy furniture

Then aluminum furniture. The general frame of aluminum alloy furniture is aluminum alloy. After baking paint and waterproof treatment, this material can withstand outdoor wind and rain. The application of aluminum alloy furniture is mostly dining table and chair.

After is the wooden furniture, but the wooden furniture mentioned here generally chooses the wood with high oil content, such as teak, and the surface is painted with anticorrosive paint. We all know that the real wood is easy to rot and expand and deform after absorbing moisture, so its service life is very short. Generally, it needs more maintenance when it is used outdoors. Even so, to be honest, the service life of rattan garden furniture can't be compared with the above three materials, which is also the reason why the service life of wood furniture is low outdoors.

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