Common materials of rattan garden furnitures
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rattan garden furnitures is usually placed in outdoor space, which is inevitably exposed to the sun and rain. Of course, it tests the quality and technology of materials more than black garden furniture. The selection of materials is particularly critical for this kind of furniture.

rattan garden furniture

 1. rattan garden furnitures Material type

 rattan garden furnitures is mainly made of wood, metal and rattan. Traditionally, the wood used to make outdoor furniture includes pineapple, teak and pine. These kinds of wood have good moisture-proof and anti cracking properties. The materials of garden patio furniture generally include ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast aluminum, etc., among which cast aluminum and stainless steel have strong anti rust ability.

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 2.rattan garden furnitures Material properties

 PE rattan made of high polymer material has good flexibility and plasticity. Rattan furniture has comfortable and smooth lines and more fashionable appearance, which is loved by young people. The use of higher quality design materials also greatly extends the life of rattan garden furniture. High quality materials also make furniture design more textured.

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