Key points of rattan garden furnitures to garden style design
TIME:2022-01-08 10:15:18 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Garden furniture has been the pursuit of solid use of wood, iron are also common garden furniture, and now with people's pursuit of comfortable life. There are more and more soft fabrics in outdoor furniture. The softness of cloth is what people like, so even the wooden aluminum frame will now add soft fabrics to make people's outdoor life more comfortable.

1、 Use of rattan garden furnitures

Having a beautiful courtyard and creating a comfortable and leisurely ecological space for ourselves are almost the living dream of every modern person who yearns for nature. If you live on the first floor with a yard, will you turn it into a garden? vegetable garden? Or the outdoor leisure space with special sentiment? If you just want to make the yard an extension of the living room, you don't have to plough the ground, raise flowers, plant grass, choose some special stackable rattan chairs, and outline a scene for rest, chat, tea and party.

rattan garden furniture

2Used of rattan garden furnitures

This is your outdoor leisure park. You can enjoy the pleasure of leisure life at home. The outdoor sofa made of aluminum frame and cushion is very convenient for cleaning and carrying, and can withstand the wind and sun for a long time. It is very harmonious to integrate into the whole natural system.

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3rattan garden furnitures style

The influence of outdoor furniture on garden style design is beyond doubt. It can add to the cake, or break the whole design. So many conditional friends will customize a set of furniture according to their own, to ensure the same style.

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white rattan furniture products are not easy to change color after processing, and have the effect of anti mildew, anti insect and anti-corrosion, so it is the choice of most people. The disadvantage is that the furniture will be affected by the environment and climate for a long time, and the high temperature will make the furniture easy to crack, so this kind of furniture is used in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight.

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