Development of outdoor furniture sale Customization industry
TIME:2022-01-22 15:37:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Camphor pine is usually used as the base material for iron outdoor furniture. The structure of antiseptic wood and surface carbonized wood is firm, with good bearing capacity and moderate price, but it is easy to deform and crack. After high temperature heat treatment, homogeneous carbonized wood reduces the moisture absorption of wood, with high stability, good corrosion resistance, and is not easy to deform and crack, but the bearing capacity is weakened, and the price is also on the high side.

outdoor furniture sale

1. Selection of outdoor furniture sale materials

Choose suitable materials according to their own situation. unique outdoor furniture pursues nature and original ecology, and its modeling is usually rough and primitive. Therefore, the furniture shape, radian and corner of the production process has become the standard of its exquisite or not.

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2. outdoor furniture sale planning

If outdoor furniture wants to have a "strong body" and "weather proof appearance", anti-corrosion and anti insect treatment must be in place. The overall planning of the courtyard and the customization of outdoor furniture sale can make the outdoor space self-contained and have its own style and personality.

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3. Maintenance principle of outdoor furniture sale

As long as the furniture is placed outdoors, there are two general maintenance principles: one is to try to avoid the wind and sun, and the other is to avoid man-made damage to the maintenance layer of the furniture surface.

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