Winter can also enjoy the warm sunshine outdoor furniture
TIME:2020-11-14 15:06:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In the cold winter, when the sun shows its face, in the outdoor courtyard or patio, sitting on the outdoor leisure table and chair, enjoying the mild sunshine like the breeze, how Nice it is to have a cup of coffee or read a book.

    Bucolic life has always been the city people yearn for the environment, so now are people have their own courtyard or garden into a quality bucolic style.

    outdoor dining table

    Generally consider the outdoor dining table scenery and leisure sense to extend to the home, so that the overall layout of the home to maintain a unified style, more intense pastoral feeling, so that you do not go out, but also can feel their own life in the countryside. Metal outdoor furniture: Because the metal molding is very strong, can design their own desired shape, full of classical and pastoral flavor. Traditional iron, aluminum or water-resistant alloy, stainless steel, cast aluminum, rust-resistant cast iron or steel pipe are more durable. The wrought iron table and chairs’ disadvantage is that they are harder, more suitable in summer, Spring and autumn feel cold, need to add some cushions or warmer fabrics.


    The net cloth outdoor dining table: The net cloth furniture is generally use the Teslin net cloth, Ferrari net cloth primarily, the net cloth furniture is beautiful and generous, and durable and practical, the general practical life can reach 7 years, and can change cloth can, the younger generation of the modern age.


    Weaving Rattan outdoor furniture: As the current Rattan Outdoor Furniture Rattan are artificial processing, Rattan more flexible, more rot-resistant aspects of the advantage, but will give the illusion of "natural outdoor dining table. ". Actually they are not difficult to take care of, wash down directly with water or wipe with cloth. In fact, weaving Rattan furniture more suitable for indoor pastoral style, which is also one of the reasons for popularity.

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