metal garden furniture show Nordic fashion style
TIME:2021-12-28 09:37:34 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

The so-called Nordic design style mainly refers to the interior design and furniture design style of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland in northern Europe. The characteristics of Nordic style in interior design are mainly reflected in: paying attention to function, pursuing rationality, paying attention to simple and clear colors, elegant and refreshing natural materials, smooth lines and no carving.

metal garden furniture

1. metal garden furniture style

To create Nordic style, the first point is lighting. Use large windows to bring the best view and natural light into the room.

Light up the outside garden furniture, add the flavor of sunshine to the room.

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Nordic style furniture, mostly focus on logs and other materials, and pay attention to the variety of arrangement and combination. Common materials are log, rattan, bamboo, etc.

2. metal garden furniture type

Nordic style in addition to the natural and comfortable vision, for furniture, such as beds, sofas, etc. are required to be super large, super wide and super comfortable, hoping to create a homeowner stay at home for a long time will not be bored with the environment.

wicker garden furniture is absolutely the representative of Nordic style, but improper use will show monotony, in order to avoid this embarrassment, you can use bright elements to adjust, so as to set off the refreshing space, such as local walls, local home furnishings, home decoration color.

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metal garden furniture will not show monotonous, embarrassing scenes will be solved. White floor and rattan chair are the inevitable combination of Nordic style. Simple and low-profile furnishings can relieve pressure for busy urban life at any time.

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