packaging methods of rattan outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-12-28 09:52:09 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When we talk about furniture packaging, many customers will ask, is your rattan outdoor furniture packed in cartons. In the customer's opinion, carton packing is not only the conventional packing, but also the most suitable packing.

    rattan outdoor furniture

    But natural rattan furniture is different from panel furniture, children's furniture, different kinds of disassembly furniture, rattan love chair is basically larger, the shape is not necessarily regular square. And they are all packaged in one package. If they are packed in cartons, for outdoor sofas or round beds, they will waste more space and volume, and the transportation cost of customers will increase.

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    At present, rattan outdoor furniture is packed in double-layer kraft paper, with thick bubble cushion corner protection, so that the packaging can not only save space, but also be very strong. This is also the packaging we load containers and send to foreign customers. Foreign customers are very satisfied with the existing packaging.

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    Domestic transportation is usually logistics. If customers are worried about the damage during logistics transportation, they can put a wooden frame on the outside of the package to further ensure that our rattan outdoor furniture is not damaged.

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