How to deal with rattan outdoor furniture manufacturers
TIME:2021-12-28 10:09:38 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

When customers purchase rattan outdoor furniture, communication with suppliers is necessary and unavoidable. Different suppliers, different details, early, middle and late purchasing, according to the demand of outdoor living furniture orders, all need to contact the factory. How to communicate to ensure the effective, timely, high-quality completion of orders and safe receipt of goods.

1. rattan outdoor furniture contract signing

For the purchase of outdoor furniture, must sign a contract with the manufacturer, regardless of the size of the order, the contract is relatively formal, and stamped with the official seal of both parties, with legal effect, but also binding on both parties.

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2. rattan outdoor furniture contract

General factory for signed a formal contract orders, relative will pay attention to a lot, so the cooperation between the two sides is also formal. All the details of luxury outdoor furniture products, color, specifications, material requirements, price, transaction terms, etc. should be made detailed remarks in the contract, so as to avoid the later if there is a mistake, there is no formal check standard.

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3. rattan outdoor furniture order time

The completion time is a matter of great concern to all customers. If the specific completion time is delayed, the specific penalty requirements are clear. This is the most likely to cause disagreement.

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