7 tips for cleaning and storing rattan outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-12-28 10:10:46 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Prevent rattan outdoor furniture from being corroded by drastic changes of temperature and humidity. By cleaning and placing the environment regularly, the service life of furniture can be prolonged, and outdoor cafe furniture can be stored reasonably after the applicable season.

     7 tips for cleaning rattan outdoor furniture:

     1. Choose clean and flat ground. Avoid splashing mud. Take away the cushions, backrests and pillows and clean them separately.

     2. Wear gloves.Protect your hands when cleaning furniture. Nylon gloves or rubber gloves are OK.

    rattan outdoor furniture

     3. The water pipe is connected to the faucet for flushing, and the water flow is appropriate, not too large.

     4. Cleaning solution. It is recommended to use environment-friendly cleaning solution without corrosive side effects.

     5. Different outdoor bbq furniture should use different tools. Clean mats, colored surfaces or wickers with a sponge and use brushes on wood, canvas and metal.

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     6. Rinse and repeat.If you have stubborn stains, rinse and repeat.

     7. Air dry.Let your furniture air dry or wipe with a cleaning cloth, and then put it back for use or storage.How to prolong the service life of rattan outdoor furniture,When not in use, please cover the outdoor furniture with waterproof cloth to keep the furniture unaffected. It is recommended to buy furniture covers for better protection, especially in extreme weather conditions.

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     Fix the protective cover to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. If you have space in the garage or warehouse, stacking it indoors can greatly extend the service life of outdoor furniture. Many can be stacked to save space.

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