How to choose the size of rattan outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-12-28 10:11:26 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Winter goes to spring, March, April and may, seize the tail of spring and nature dating, without a set of rattan outdoor furniture. The outdoor sofa suit is suitable for friends' parties. Occasionally, you can have a small barbecue party.

Is it not such a big yard? It doesn't matter. steel outdoor furniture and a hanging basket on the balcony are also suitable for you to be quiet. Is the balcony too small? You can buy a hanging basket to be nailed to the ceiling.

No matter by the pool or the balcony of the villa, there is a place to relax with rattan outdoor furniture.

rattan outdoor furniture

The size of rattan outdoor furniture: sitting height, sitting depth, sitting width

(1) Sitting height:

The vertical height between the sitting surface and the ground. Usually used to be high as the chair sitting high. The height before sitting should be smaller than the lower leg. National standard: quality outdoor furniture height is 40 ~ 44cm. Generally, the seat for leisure use is 36 ~ 38cm. If the cushion is soft, the height after sitting should be taken as the standard.

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(2) Sitting depth:

The distance between the front and back edge of the chair. The front edge is 6cm away from the lower leg. Leisure equipment is not less than 46cm; sofa is 48 ~ 53cm.

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(3) Seat width:

The width of the front edge is the front sitting width, and the width of the back edge is the back sitting width, no less than 43cm. The armchair shall take the inner width of armrest as the sitting width, not less than 46cm.

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