A set of iron chair garden can handle the garden
TIME:2021-12-28 10:16:50 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    In the reinforced cement jungle of metropolis, we can hardly see the garden green space again. In order to keep an acre garden in mind, the home design circle has regarded "roof terrace" as the "new backyard" in the city.

    In the bustling city, the roof is built into "sky garden". There, surrounded by nature, it is gathered with friends, accompanied by family members, outdoor garden table reaching out to the blue sky and white clouds together, or overlooking the city's traffic and riding horses and rivers, enjoying a person's peace in the flashing neon. If you love freedom, you will surely flow through such roofs and iron chairs garden.

    iron chairs garden

    On the roof terrace, stop busy steps, watch the sunset sink, feel the changes of the sun, see the lights in the city, the lights gradually light, see the time flow, let the mind slow down.

     The colorful pillow, metal garden chairs is designed, which lights up the open roof space, and makes the sky garden and iron chairs garden vision reflect, and make people connect with the city more closely.

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    Different styles of awning, create different roof space, extend out of open leisure space, let people feel comfortable. Please put green plants on the roof, and have a private garden in the noisy city.

    Feel the natural beauty of the long-term violation under the blue sky and white clouds. Prepare exquisite tableware, fragrant flowers and iron chairs garden. In this tasteful air meeting place, invite three or five confidants to enjoy a city and drink a bottle of wine.

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