Cane made recliner imitation iron chairs garden
TIME:2021-12-28 10:19:07 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Most of the recliner is used by the pool, so the material performance of the recliner is very high, moisture-proof and water-proof and durable. The cane chair in swimming pool is very humanized, which advocates a comfortable, healthy and iron chairs garden concept. This kind of outdoor garden chairs in swimming pool adopts the green rattan woven by hand.

iron chairs garden

After many procedures, the surface is smooth, flexible and moderate. Moreover, this kind of swimming pool recliner is easy to clean and is very environmental friendly and healthy.

1. advantages of iron chairs garden

The swimming pool cane chair is very flexible and soft and smooth. The curve is beautiful and fashionable. The highlight of it is the back of the curved recliner. The shape is novel and beautiful, which makes you enjoy the leisure time.

This garden lounge chair is suitable for indoor swimming pool. Let you enjoy the beauty and tranquility of life by the swimming pool and improve your life quality!

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2. bearing capacity of iron chairs garden

This swimming pool recliner, even if it is about 200 Jin, will not break or deform the chair. The color of the recliner is also matched in the pool. The backrest part can also be adjusted easily.

 There is also a small pull table beside the seat surface, which can place water cups or small items. This swimming pool recliner is more comfortable to use.

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