Making use of iron chairs garden to create
TIME:2021-12-28 10:45:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

iron chairs garden and wooden furniture are the favorite of comfy garden chair. These courtyard furniture, which are traditionally used for outdoor, are introduced into the interior to enjoy outdoor leisure at any time.

 The outdoor garden scenery into the living room, rattan chair is the focus of the living room, rattan tea table and rattan cushion with each other, bring people's thoughts into the woods, breathe fresh air.

1. iron chairs garden corner

A corner of the balcony is a natural view. The outdoor rattan sofa, rattan chair and rattan basket are moved into the room. A corner is opened on the balcony to create an indoor courtyard view. Green bags, carpets, hanging curtains and table lamps add a lot of vitality to the space. Cast aluminum garden armchair .

iron chairs garden

2. iron chairs garden materials

Adopt high quality aluminum, quality inspection export standard, quality assurance. Health and environmental protection materials, natural and fresh, smooth and easy to clean, all cast aluminum, no rust, durable. The design line is smooth and soft, the modeling is simple and comfortable, the European and

American style is deeply loved by the majority of consumers.

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3.iron chairs garden design

The whole design of the wooden leisure dining chair imitates the spine bone, and the wooden strips are superimposed on the formed frame to form a curved surface. White blanket can be spread to reduce the stiff touch and eliminate the tiredness brought by daily life.

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