Precautions for iron chairs garden
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iron chairs garden is usually placed in outdoor space, which is inevitably exposed to the sun and rain. Of course, it tests the quality and technology of materials more than indoor furniture. The selection of materials is particularly critical for this kind of furniture. There are mainly three kinds of materials: wood, metal and rattan. Traditionally, the wood used to make outdoor furniture includes pineapple, teak and pine. These kinds of wood have good moisture-proof and anti cracking properties.

1. What are the metal outdoor furniture materials

Metal garden chair set materials generally include ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast aluminum, etc., among which cast aluminum and stainless steel have the strongest anti rust ability. PE rattan made of high polymer material has good flexibility and plasticity. Rattan furniture has comfortable and smooth lines and more fashionable appearance, which is loved by young people. The use of higher quality design materials, also makes the life of the machine greatly extended. High quality materials also make furniture design more textured.

iron chairs garden

2. PE rattan instead of natural rattan iron chairs garden

No matter in the use of materials and the embodiment of the sense of design, they all have high quality. PE rattan is the main material used to replace natural rattan. It is imported from Germany and has environmental protection simulation, including round rattan, flat rattan, embossed rattan, imitation rattan, effect rattan, dream rattan, color changing rattan, stretching, foaming, fine dragging, dense surface, mildew, shaving, color mixing, threading and other effects. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. PE rattan size style is also very diverse, rich and varied colors, and through verification, even in the case of high temperature, it will not emit toxic smell.

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3. iron chairs garden has ductility

Rattan art sofa has the characteristics of extensibility, washability, not easy to mildew, no poison, anti ultraviolet and adverse weather environment, etc., with weather resistance of more than 3000 hours. It is produced by two machine co extrusion and three machine co extrusion. It can customize, develop and produce garden armchair of various colors and styles according to the requirements of drawings. Moisture proof, anti-aging, anti insect, anti infrared, easy maintenance, you can use a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to clean rattan furniture, but should be anti-collision and knife point hard object scratch.

The modeling design of iron chairs garden puts the user's inner feelings in the first place, with linear, arc, plant modeling as the theme, creating a comfortable space expression; secondly, based on the human body curve and its own material properties, it creates a rhythmic overall modeling, so that the body and mind can fit perfectly, and transmit a leisure and comfortable home mood.

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