Leisure life of iron chair garden in the setting sun
TIME:2021-12-29 10:25:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

iron chair garden, as a new trend of furniture, reflects a kind of leisure and relaxed life. Into the beauty of pastoral life.

Under the pressure of fast-paced urban work and life, people's life style which reflects people's close to nature, enjoying leisure and "slow rhythm" has gradually become a fashion. Therefore, the boundary of rattan bistro chair gradually blurred, and from the outdoor began to enter the interior.

iron chair garden

1. iron chair garden elements

Artistic, personalized, functional furniture products are becoming an important component of the garden, landscape, interior, but also open or semi open space must be appliances. Outdoor furniture, as a new fashion in furniture products, embodies the pursuit of leisure, relaxation and closeness to nature, and is gradually entering ordinary people's homes.

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2. iron chair garden experience

Comfort, randomness, security, lightness, interest and entertainment become the core of "slow life experience" design. Emotional care is transmitted through product experience and situational experience, which makes rattan chair set and users have affinity.

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A parasol, a set of cast aluminum tables and chairs, plus a cup of herbal tea, mixed with the setting sun in the afternoon and completely relaxed state of mind, are the yearning of every city people.

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