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TIME:2021-12-30 09:35:25 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    As the original material of outdoor garden furniture, wood has the characteristics of practicality and high quality, which makes it an ideal choice for modern home furnishings. In the development process of outdoor furniture, due to a variety of outdoor uncertain environmental factors, the demand for vintage outdoor furniture has been very high.

     outdoor garden furniture

    Teak, a kind of hardwood with special chamber, has high oil content, can prevent moisture, repel mosquitoes and insects, is very wear-resistant, has strong corrosion resistance, and is hardly affected by sunlight, rain, frost or snow, so it is recognized as the wood suitable for outdoor garden furniture.

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    But with the development of the trend of the times, simple outdoor dining furniture is undoubtedly cumbersome and outdated, obviously not in line with the young generation's light, simple aesthetic, now replaced by outdoor garden furniture with weaving, cloth art, and a variety of new materials.

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