Selection of outdoor garden furniture
TIME:2021-12-30 09:43:39 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Hot summer is coming, outdoor is a good place for us to rest and enjoy the cool, where flowers are in full bloom, cicadas sing and birds sing, where we can deeply feel the breath of nature. But have you noticed we usually sit on and lie on?  

    It is different from outdoor garden furniture is that it has to experience wind and sun, strong corrosion resistance.

    With the pursuit of people's living standards higher and higher, owners of villas or manors will generally carefully decorate their own space to add a sense of outdoor space.

    outdoor garden furniture

    1. Furniture can play a decorative role in the interior scenery. Imagine that outdoor garden furniture appears in the flowers and trees. Does it give people a very warm feeling?

    2. Furniture is also the representative of master's temperament and aesthetics;

    3. The outdoor bar furniture provides a place for people to rest and entertainment;

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    According to its functions, can be classified as follows: sunshade, dining table and chair, high bar table and stool, coffee table and chair series, sofa, leisure chair, etc

    PE glue rattan: rattan chair and table, placed in the middle, is not very pastoral style feeling? Because of its poor corrosion resistance and difficult treatment, people are now using imitation rattan, which is PE rattan. It is not afraid of wind, sun and rain. It is suitable for anti-oxidation of aluminum alloy spray pipe with suitable powder and is not easy to scratch.

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    iron outdoor furniture: iron tables and chairs are usually more common material of furniture, painted milky white and dark brown, black  in the majority. The modeling and outdoor garden furniture have great ornamental value, but the products are heavy and easy to rust.

    Solid wood material: solid wood outdoor furniture is usually set in a covered place more to prevent solid wood furniture from being affected by the sun and rain.

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