Some methods of choosing outside garden furniture
TIME:2021-12-30 10:07:40 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

It is a kind of life pleasure to place a group or several groups of furniture in the garden and enjoy the scenery with tea in leisure time. But many people will have questions about outside garden furniture really waterproof?

 In fact, the special will be designed in consideration of the courtyard environment.

However, if the quality of outdoor furniture is unqualified, there will still be a variety of problems. Xiao Bian summarizes some methods of choosing outdoor furniture. If necessary, you can refer to it.

outside garden furniture

The important thing is to choose from the materials of outdoor living furniture. Different courtyard environment, suitable material will be different. And no matter what the courtyard, can not avoid the wind and sun, choose outdoor furniture must consider this point. There are four kinds of materials for outdoor furniture

1、 Antiseptic wood outside garden furniture

Anticorrosive wood furniture is the choice of high oil content, such as pine furniture and fir furniture. But anticorrosive wood furniture is not suitable for soft lawn, because the lawn humidity is larger, anticorrosive wood furniture is easy to be affected by moisture, for a long time, the whole furniture frame will be damaged.

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2、 Metal outside garden furniture

This kind of furniture is made of aluminum or alloy material after baking paint and waterproof treatment. But the metal outdoor furniture is not suitable for sunny places, because the metal furniture will become hot with the rise of the villa courtyard environment temperature, which is easy to damage.

3、 Rattan outside garden furniture

Although rattan furniture can withstand the rain, but can not withstand the sun, so rattan furniture is not suitable for sunny places.

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4、 Plastic outside garden furniture

The firmness of plastic furniture is not very strong, but it is suitable to be placed in the wet and rainy courtyard, with good waterproof performance.

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