Courtyard outside garden furniture series
TIME:2021-12-31 15:44:53 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The classification of outside garden furniture includes: high table and stool, dining table and chair, coffee table and chair series, leisure chair, reclining chair and so on. The classification of garden  is roughly these, but in the layout of the garden, these garden should be well designed and placed.

    placed in the garden can be called garden, which is also a branch of round outdoor furniture.

    outside garden furniture

    In the layout of the garden, only choose the right outside garden furniture, in order to enjoy the high quality experience in the future. Generally speaking, garden furniture mainly includes reclining chairs, high bar tables and chairs, hammock series, leisure chairs, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables and chairs. People can choose according to their own garden decoration style and the actual size of the area, of course, the situation is to ask professional designers to plan.

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    The common outside garden furniture materials are stone (stone table, stone stool in the park), wood (wooden chair, wooden dining table), iron (iron hanging chair), aluminum alloy, PE rattan, etc. But not every kind of material has no shortcomings.

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    For example, luxury outdoor furniture is easy to rust and heavy quality, while some rubber rattan products are afraid of the sun and rain, which will no longer be beautiful for a long time.

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