Maintenance Tips for outdoor living furniture
TIME:2021-12-31 15:46:16 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. outdoor living furniture cushion

In order to make the cushion give you maximum comfort, and make the cushion keep bright color for a long time, you need to maintain the cushion correctly. The best way is to clean up the dust before it enters the cloth fiber and immediately when the liquid splashes on the cloth surface. Or when cleaning, take down the cushion cover first, dip each dirty place with appropriate mild soap, and wash it in warm water.

outdoor living furniture

Then rinse with clean water, thoroughly remove the soap and dry. When the weather is wet, the cushion should be placed in a dry place.

2. Toughened glass outdoor living furniture

Do not use sharp objects to strike or impact the glass corners to avoid breakage; do not use corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface to avoid damaging the surface luster; do not use rough materials to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches. Wipe the surface with a clean wet cloth, dry or air dry naturally.

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3. outdoor living furniture metal objects

When handling metal, avoid collision and scratch the surface protective layer; for outdoor high table, remember not to stand on the garden relaxer chairs to avoid deformation of the folding part. When maintaining, just scrub it with warm soapy water occasionally, and dry it or air it naturally. Avoid using acid-base cleaning agent, so as not to damage the surface paint.

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