Three design trends of outdoor living furniture
TIME:2021-12-31 15:47:32 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

outdoor living furniture has become a new life fashion, it represents the leisure and relaxation of life. If you need to decorate your new home, you can consider the design. It's a way to cater to the rural life. It can make your leisure time more comfortable. So do you know the design direction of iron outdoor furniture?

outdoor living furniture

1. outdoor living furniture class I Designer

Furniture that can be permanently fixed outdoors, such as wooden pavilions or tents, solid wood tables and chairs, and iron wood tables and chairs. Must pay attention to is: in the material must pay attention to its corrosion resistance, as well as its weight.

2. outdoor living furniture class II design

Movable, such as the Saito chair. This kind of table and chair furniture can be moved, and most of them have folding function. It's convenient for people to take them back indoors and save space. In addition to comfortable and practical, space saving is also the main design direction of this kind of furniture. For this type of furniture, we do not need to consider the solid, corrosion and other issues, can be purchased according to personal preferences layout.

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3. The third category design of outdoor living furniture

outdoor bbq furniture, such as small dining table or dining chair. The main direction of the design focuses on the field outing, fishing and so on. Aluminum alloy is generally used in the production of materials, which is characterized by light weight and easy to carry.

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