leisure garden furniture for Villa
TIME:2022-01-04 14:17:20 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

leisure garden furniture, belonging to one of outdoor furniture, refers to furniture placed in the garden. With the people's living standards getting higher and higher, people who own villas or manors will have their own private gardens and carefully design their own gardens. Therefore, they must buy and choose stone garden furniture to provide outdoor places for family and friends to enjoy.

leisure garden furniture

1leisure garden furniture -- imitation rattan table chair

The frame is made of aluminum alloy electrostatic spraying and PE rattan. The aluminum alloy is perfectly combined with rattan, beautiful and durable. The table is equipped with 5mm tempered glass and the chair is equipped with 5cm cushion. The latest design changes the defects that the cane chair can not stack in the past, making it easier to put in and put.

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2leisure garden furniture -- imitation rattan sofa

Rattan seat is equipped with gold cast aluminum armrest and base, dark cane and blue cushion give a noble and luxurious breath, meticulous technology, showing high quality life, unique and unforgettable. The PE rattan is used for rattan weaving, which is made by hand. These cane made steel garden furniture are very flexible and have good color stability.

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Color can be maintained for a long time, rattan products will not mildew, easy to clean, environmental protection, UV resistant. Indoor and outdoor are suitable, whether it is rainy rainy day, or hot summer, cold winter, put outside will not cause any problems.

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