leisure garden furniture in the balcony
TIME:2022-01-04 14:18:06 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

1. Color spring leisure garden furniture

Simple but not simple lines, outstanding but not publicized appearance, creation from foreign design masters, exquisite and meticulous technology, perfect and comfortable sitting feeling, high-grade and exquisite materials, create this group of classic color quality garden furniture combination. The main supporting arc design of the chair makes it feel like a small outdoor chairs. Environmental protection spray, uniform texture, full paint, not easy to rust, smooth and rich texture, clear and breathable.

 leisure garden furniture

2. Sunflower leisure garden furniture

It's made of high quality PE rattan, ergonomic design and multiple color matching. The chair bracket is made of high-strength metal, which can bear more gravity.

 E-catalogue 18-9-2_副本.jpg

It's very suitable to put it on the balcony at home, and it's comfortable to sit on it. I prefer this imitation rattan table and chair, the whole back can be surrounded, very dependent. leisure garden furniture can be put on the balcony.

E-catalogue 18-9-3_副本.jpg

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