leisure garden furniture on the balcony
TIME:2022-01-04 14:18:35 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

It is often seen that the residents in the community will turn their balcony into a laundry room, a laundry room and even a sundry room. In fact, the balcony with leisure garden furniture good layout can be used as a small leisure place, friends come home as a guest, is also the embodiment of face. If you design carefully, you will find that life can be different, not just the daily life piled up with daily necessities.

leisure garden furniture

1. Rattan leisure garden furniture

This kind of antique garden furniture is made of high-quality PE rattan by hand. garden room furniture is more suitable for outdoor, waterproof, moisture-proof and sunscreen. On the balcony, rain is not afraid of drenching. Nordic simple style, let the whole family rise to a higher level.

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2. leisure garden furniture of aluminum alloy

Using the original high density aluminum rod, through the new solid-state smelting process, the finished product has super tensile and ductility. The surface is made of imitation wood grain by 20 rigorous painting, brushing, baking and sealing glazes. The quality is beautiful and noble, and will not fade.

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 The cushion is made of high-quality Teslin cloth, which contains antibacterial ingredients. It has smooth surface, texture cleaning, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, high strength, good air permeability, UV resistance and cool body feeling. Daily cleaning can be directly washed with water.

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