choosing small vintage garden furniture
TIME:2022-01-10 14:19:42 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

Although there are many customized furniture products available on the market, and there are many brands to choose from, it's really dazzling. So it's not easy to choose one that suits you and you like from so many brand products. How to choose a good one for customization?  

1. Choose small vintage garden furniture

Small house should be the first choice of small furniture, occupy less use area, will not occupy too much space, people feel crowded space. It's very important to choose a set of low sofa. The low armrest and streamline shape of this kind of sofa can make people feel that the usable space is larger and the space is more fluent. With a set of small round table and mini TV cabinet, you will get unexpected surprise.

vintage garden furniture

2. Choose Asian style vintage garden furniture

Due to the great differences between Asian and European furniture design styles, most Asian style all weather outdoor furniture are miniaturized, with simple design, simplified space lines and low vision height. The visual space will be more open, which will make your room look clean and tidy. And Europe and the United States and other styles of furniture are generally inclined to vertical height and wide development, a careless will make your room look heavy, crowded, activity space smaller.

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3. Light vintage garden furniture

Try to choose lightweight outdoor seating furniture in texture, such as glass, rattan, wood, etc. For example, glass is a good choice, glass is full of penetration, visual more unobstructed, at the same time has a cool feeling. Completely made of glass furniture can let the line of sight unlimited extension, even if the furniture or tall, will not make your room appear crowded, let you feel depressed.

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