How to place vintage garden furniture properly
TIME:2022-01-10 14:19:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

With the coming of summer, how to let guests choose outdoor dining is the most distressed thing for restaurant owners. They have been looking for new ways to make their outdoor dining the best experience for customers. At this time, vintage garden furniture placement and quality and other issues are the first issues they need to consider.

1. Get the vintage garden furniture ready

Usually, iron outdoor furniture in summer is easy to be ignored. Ideally, the furniture should be covered in a garage or seasonal somewhere. However, when they are left outside, debris and dust can affect their quality. At this point, you can use the powder scrubber and hoses to clean the furniture with powerful spray accessories, or you can use the brush to wash the soapy water. Once completely dry, coat with high quality wood oil.

vintage garden furniture

2. Clean vintage garden furniture mats

Don't neglect the cleaning mat. A dirty porch or terrace is not an attractive place for guests. It may even lower the score of the restaurant in their mind. At the beginning of summer, a good cleaning is enough.

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3. Add more colors to vintage garden furniture

If the cushions of your outdoor dining furniture are fading or getting older, please consider reconfiguring new cushions. Because the unsightly cushions will also make the guests feel worse, adding more fresh and energetic colors can add a feature to the whole area of the restaurant, making it cohesive and perfect.

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