vintage garden furniture care is no longer a problem
TIME:2022-01-10 14:18:35 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Many people in the selection of vintage garden furniture encountered a problem, in addition to the style, beautiful, but also pay special attention to material. outdoor seating furniture exposed to the outside for a long time, not only to withstand the wind and sun, to withstand heavy rain and lightning, at the same time, but also easy to clean.

    vintage garden furniture

    Most people are in love with vintage garden furniture when they choose outdoor furniture, but if they don't take care of this kind of furniture often, a lot of dust will enter into the gap between the rattan, which is difficult to clean and hinders the appearance.

    And some imitation of unique outdoor furniture just make up for this defect. It is woven with plastic strips to imitate the color and style of real rattan, which makes it difficult to distinguish true from false.

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    In addition, vintage garden furniture in the production of plasticity is very strong, can have a very variable color, such as dirty dark, or bold color, easy to clean and care at the same time can give people a perfect visual effect, can be called killing two birds with one stone. Put a rattan like sofa in the courtyard to let you enjoy the sunshine in nature.

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