The most durable vintage garden furniture
TIME:2022-01-10 14:17:24 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the development of society, in addition to the traditional way of leisure, outdoor leisure is also derived. Breathe fresh air and play together with your family in nature to increase your feelings.

    As the basic facilities of outdoor leisure, vintage garden furniture also rises with the development of outdoor leisure. To say the most popular is the cast aluminum table and chair in the cast aluminum series, with its durability and corrosion resistance occupy the first place. luxury outdoor furniture are made of pure aluminum and aluminum alloy. According to the proportion of cast aluminum process, they are heated to the molten state, poured and cooled by the mold.

    vintage garden furniture

    Cast aluminum tables and chairs have the advantages of durability, no rust, high hardness, wear resistance, no dust collection, light weight, fast heat dissipation, anti radiation and anti rust, etc. Moreover, because of its good waterproof and sunscreen performance, they can be placed outdoors all the year round with the same color, and usually do not need special maintenance.

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    vintage garden furniture is made of selected aluminum, and all parts are cast in fine molds. Cast aluminum tables and chairs are not as light as aluminum alloy, nor as easy to peel as solid wood tables and chairs. Due to the full solid design, they will give people a heavy and stable feeling.

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    The exquisite craft, luxurious style and comfortable sitting feeling make the buy outdoor furniture become the high-end outdoor furniture in the mainstream society of European and American countries. vintage garden furniture is still in the stage of development in China.


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