Common garden table and chairs set products
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    garden table and chairs set is also more common, mainly antiseptic wood and solid wood two kinds of materials. Antiseptic comfy garden chair actually refers to the outdoor furniture made of antiseptic wood. This kind of wood uses antiseptic to penetrate and solidify, so that the wood has the function of preventing the decay of rot fungi and biological invasion, which is suitable for outdoor use.

     garden table and chairs set

    And the common materials of garden table and chairs set are fir, pine, teak, pineapple, etc. the surface of most of them will be sprayed with outdoor special paint, so that they are not easy to crack, deform, rot and moth when used outdoors. Due to the different intensity of rain and sunlight in the area, it is inevitable that the paint of garden chair set will fall off after a certain period of use. If the paint protection treatment of furniture can be maintained in a certain period of time, the color will last forever.

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    Plastic wood is a relatively new category in recent years. Its material is plastic in short. Plastic wood actually refers to the processing method of integrated molding of plastic products. The plastic wood outdoor furniture is made of PE environmental protection material, which has various sizes, sizes and styles. At present, the mainstream style is modern, with strong sense of design and simple and round lines. If you often open in the garden, garden table and chairs set is a good choice.

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