Popular garden table and chairs set materials
TIME:2022-01-05 16:08:31 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    PE rattan can be said to be a popular garden table and chairs set material in recent years, its appearance is imitation rattan effect, has a sense of weaving, the overall style tends to naturalism, more leisure and practical. This kind of material has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, anti UV, non fading, easy to clean, especially suitable for outdoor use. It is not only resistant to sunlight and rain, easy to scrub, but also does not need to spend too much attention on maintenance. It only needs to use a soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to clean, and usually pay attention to prevent collision, knife tip or hard object scratch.

     garden table and chairs set

    For the current mainstream material, the style is relatively diversified. The more common styles are simple and atmospheric modern leisure style and naturalistic Southeast Asian style, both of which are suitable for creating leisure and holiday style. In addition, there are newly emerging new Chinese style and European classical style, which can be used not only for outdoor, but also for indoor, matching with the bedroom style .

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    garden table and chairs set, as the name suggests, is made of aluminum. Due to the characteristics of the metal itself and the texture and color of the metal itself, the mould has been molded by special casting process with high temperature die casting technology, making the iron rocking chair have obvious summer characteristics. Its unique wind resistant, anti-aging and insect resistant properties of metal materials make it suitable for outdoor outdoor applications. .

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    But compared with PE rattan, cast aluminum furniture is not so acid resistant. Although most outdoor iron furniture has been treated with anti-corrosion, generally speaking, it will not rust easily in three or five years, but if it is not used and maintained properly, it will soon lose the luster of metal. Nowadays, the popular cast aluminum garden table and chairs set is dominated by European pastoral style or Mediterranean style. It is elegant, light and beautiful. It is more suitable for European style courtyard, terrace, sunshine room and balcony.

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