The difference of garden table and chairs set material
TIME:2022-01-05 16:09:18 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Aluminum alloy is also a common material in garden table and chairs set, and its feature is that the frame is made of aluminum alloy. The difference with other is that it is combined with other materials except rattan, such as Teslin net, environmental protection wood, etc.  is usually modern and simple style, relatively moderate price, suitable for the mass group, and the weight is lighter than traditional iron rocking chair, easy to move.

    garden table and chairs set

    In addition, there are also special knitted fabric garden table and chairs set in the market in the past two years. This furniture adopts special fabrics and fillers, which has the unique soft texture and skin feeling of fabric furniture, and also has the characteristics of quick drying and sun resistance for outdoor environment. Its bright color, soft texture and knitted goods like appearance also give outdoor life more enjoyable.

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    Generally speaking, garden deck chairs has a large price difference due to different materials. Some of them are aluminum alloy, anticorrosive wood and cast aluminum outdoor furniture. The volume is slim, and the price is relatively personal and suitable for the public consumption.

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     the price of PE cane and plastic wood is relatively higher, and the volume of furniture is a little larger, which is more suitable for large outdoor space and middle consumers; as for the garden table and chairs set of high-grade wood type And special knitted materials, its price is expensive, usually belongs to consumer products.

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