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TIME:2022-01-06 10:18:10 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    The original purpose of creating garden table and chairs set is to provide convenience for outdoor activities. However, with the continuous spread of living space, the concept of outdoor furniture is also advancing with the times. garden table chairs thinks: garden, grass, platform and other outdoor places are actually rooms without walls and roofs. They are an extension of life scenes, part of the overall mobility design, and the second private space in leisurely world.

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    Complete detailed planning can bring great changes to the family. The living room area is a perfect stage for the display of rattan sofa. A imitation rattan sofa is decorated with gold, orange and yellow cushions to add highlights and layers. The gardening coffee table beside it can also add color to the home. The beautiful living room sofa area, from single person to double person, from straight line to L-shape, from fabric decoration to rattan weaving, from combination sofa to corner sofa, has always been distinctive in style and always new. What kind of sofa area you want, what kind of life you want, all start from here.

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    Therefore, garden table and chairs set should not only have the function of entertainment, relaxation and play, but also let people enjoy the party fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake at the same time. It skillfully connects the natural scene with home life, reflecting a life style close to nature. The focus of rattan furniture is reflected in the modeling design of outside table set.

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    The modeling design of outdoor furniture first puts the user's inner feelings in the first place, and takes linear, arc, plant and other modeling as the theme to create a comfortable spatial expression; secondly, garden table and chairs set creates a rhythmic overall modeling based on the human body curve and its own material properties, so that the body and mind can fit perfectly and transmit a leisure and comfortable home mood .

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