How long can rattan effect garden furniture be used
TIME:2022-01-06 10:19:36 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    When purchasing rattan effect garden furniture, many customers are puzzled about whether the original rattan is better or the imitation rattan. The imitation rattan doesn't have to worry about insects and anti-corrosion performance, and it's more convenient to take care of.

     But when purchasing rattan folding chair, how can we identify what kind of modern rattan chair is good? How long can a good rattan effect garden furniture last?

    rattan effect garden furniture

    Good imitation rattan furniture uses brand new PE imitation rattan materials, the purchase channels are large factories, as well as some imported rattan, the product quality is guaranteed. In the production process of vines, UV sunscreen components are added.

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    and their service life has been strictly tested to ensure 3000 hours of all-weather sun exposure warranty; while ordinary inferior vines are mainly made of recycled waste vines, and UV sunscreen components will not be added, so the cost is low and the quality can not be guaranteed.

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    Almost three months to break, fade, until completely scrapped; good imitation rattan material can ensure that the outdoor all-weather sun use 3000 hours, according to the southern area with more sunshine, can use at least three years; even the best rattan effect garden furniture, also need good frame.

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