material of outdoor living furniture
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    Although the tough outdoor living furniture wood is hard and durable, its flexibility is often insufficient, so you choose soft wood such as basswood, which is flexible and considerate, where it is easy to crack and deform. The softer basswood has grease, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to crack, fine grain, easy to process and strong toughness.

     outdoor living furniture

    outdoor living furniture has a wide range of applications, which can be used to make wood thread, blockboard, wooden crafts and other decorative materials. The wood of yellow pineapple has luster, obvious and even growth rings, soft material, easy drying and processing, beautiful color and pattern, good paint and cementation performance, not easy to crack, good corrosion resistance, and is especially suitable for making outdoor dining furniture.

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    People have delicate girls, wood has light material. As a kind of wood, it is light in weight, easy to process and dry naturally, and of course it has its own advantages. Chinese fir, which is light and loose, is easy to dry and process, but it has rough section, medium strength, easy to split and good adhesive property, so it is widely used in middle grade wood at present.

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    Camphor is famous for its fragrance, and its special functions of antisepsis and insect prevention make it a wood choice for decorating wardrobe. Because camphor wood is light, not easy to deform, easy to process, smooth section, beautiful color after painting, it is suitable for making outdoor restaurant furniture.

    outdoor living furniture use more strict requirements of wood, not only to meet people's aesthetic, but also can accept the wind and sun, for rain, sun erosion, do not easily deformation state.

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